Workshop at Digital Weaving Norway/Vibeke Vestby

The TC2 - a digital jacquard prototyping loom is the seminal innovation from Digital Weaving Norway with Vibeke Vestby at the helm. The design is read directly from the draft via the digital image editing program into the loom and woven experimentally by hand. Impressions from the TC2 workshop with Vibeke Vestby in Hoenefoss/Norway ... Continue reading Workshop bei Digital Weaving Norway/Vibeke Vestby

Fondazione Lisio Silk Weaving Florence

The high art of jacquard weaving is the profession of the Fondazione Lisio silk weaving mill in Florence. An institution of more than 100 years for the production of brocade, velvet and other hand-woven jacquard fabrics. A production and training center with international exchanges. Continue reading Fondazione Lisio Seidenweberei Florenz