Workshop at Digital Weaving Norway/Vibeke Vestby

The TC2 – a digital Jacquard-Prototyping-Loom is the cutting-edge innovation of Digital Weaving Norway with Vibeke Vestby ahead. The Design is directly imported from the draft and the digital drafting software onto the loom and woven by hand. Impressions from the TC2-Workshop mit Vibeke Vestby in Hoenefoss/Norway …

The TC2-Intensiv-Workshop with Vibeke Vestby took place directly at the base from Tronrud Engineering/Hoenefoss, the headquarter of Digital Weaving Norway, one hour west of Oslo. Invited to the workshop: a small group of textile designers from universities or freelancers, among them Jennifer Green/University Hallifax – Canada, Francis Leach/University Kork – Ireland, Els van de Kerckhove – Belgium. A fruitful and highly motivated group. The themes: How does the TC2 work as a production-loom for jacquard-prototyping, how is the design transferred from the computer to the loom, how gets the binding into photoshop directly, how work supplementary bindings in photoshop, what is the difference between the TC2 and the TC1, which difficulties at the TC2 can raise and how can these be solved …

The work and the group were intense and inspiring. Apart from Vibeke Vestby, also Geetika Nautiyal from Tronrud Engineering was attending the workshop.


Impressions from the workshop:

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  1. This is such an interesting topic!
    Thanks for sharing the info about a TC2-loom that soon will be available at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg!

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