Finnland Kooperationsreise

Cooperation travel to Finland

Textile Studies, Craft Education and Makerspaces

Funding from Lower Saxony Kultusministerium for Universität Osnabrück/Textile Studies

Textile Studies, Craft Education and Makerspaces were the focus of a cooperation travel from University Osnabrück/Textile Studies to Finnish Universities and institutions. The Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture is funding the cooperation project.Textile Studies, Craft Education and Makerspaces was the main topic for a cooperation travel to Finland of Prof. Bärbel Schmidt and Lucia Schwalenberg, Osnabrück University. The goal of the Textile Studies program at Osnabrück University is to train future textile teachers, stimulate the students‘ curiosity and excitement for textiles and encourage further studies of textile culture.

The Textile Studies department offers a setting where the students experience that knowledge is unlimited and learning is for life. Textile Studies have a special responsibility on behalf of Education for Sustainable Devolopment and creative skills.

Nordic countries like Finland are pursuing a holistic approach of Craft Education. They treasure lifelong learning, which is cross-generational, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary. In addition to finding this learning methodology in the different school and universities across Finland, it is also embedded in the Craft Organisation Taito and several pop-up Makerspaces.The project is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture through the support programm INTENSIVinternational to strengthen european cooperations. The project is beeing continued by exploring concrete cooperation options with Finnish Universities, Osnabrück University/Lower Saxony and Textile Research Centre Leiden/Netherlands. Universitäten in Rovaniemi, Turku/Rauma und Helsinki/Eespo.

Read the whole report at Digital Weaving Norway: Finland Travel Diaries: Textile Studies, Craft Education and Makerspaces

Bildtext: Aalto University/Entrance hall; University Helsinki: Weaving Workshop with Prof. Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen and Prof. Sirpa Kokko; Urs Dierker explaining his circular costume design to Prof. Bärbel Schmidt; Gloves/Local Heritage Museum Rovaniemi; Makerspace Völtila/Pirita Lauri with Digitaljacquard TC2; handwoven woolen Ranuus/Local Heritage Museum Rovaniemi; University Turku/Rauma Campus/Craft Teacher Education; Jätermateraalikengät/Ana Nuutinen/Art Exhibition by staff from University of Lapland/Arktikum Rovaniemi.

Fotos: Dr. Bärbel Schmidt/Dipl. Des. Lucia Schwalenberg

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