Historic double wall weaving mill Meldorf

Collection development on the basis of a historical sample treasure trove

In the authentic building complex of the Old Pastorate in Meldorf, the Mensch Foundation has at its disposal a weaving mill that is unique in Germany. Part of the weaving mill is a historically grown pattern treasure with complex jacquard card runs, looms and all necessary equipment such as warping and card beating machine. The operation is carried out with supervised personnel. The production is based on historical patterns in terms of design. The core of the collection development are: Inventory of the pattern archive, selection of production-relevant patterns, compilation of a coherent product range, development of a color concept, consideration of the material stock and, if necessary, research of current supply sources as well as the restructuring of the workshop.

A brochure has been published on the project.

Beiderwand weaving mill Meldorf


13 thoughts on “Historische Beiderwand-Weberei Meldorf”

  1. Good day,
    my family has a tapestry of Meldorf weaving for a good 70 years: The Tree of Life, dark brown, light pattern, 190×130, beautiful, well preserved.
    We would like to sell / give to museum (which one, is the question).
    We will be glad to receive reaction, info, suggestion.

    Greetings and thanks,

    Frauke Vosshage, Lübeck

    1. Dear Ms. Vosshage,
      I am a tapestry collector both from the USA and own several tapestries from Meldorf, including handmade tapestries by Lizbeth Hablik-Lindemann of the Dithmarscher Museumsweberei. I would be really interested in buying your tapestry if you decide to sell it.
      With kind regards
      Valentin Mouradian

  2. Can these fabrics also be used as chair coverings?
    May we visit your workshop?(Bürgerverein Geschendorf)
    To Corona, of course.

  3. Hello,
    I have just seen the feature about your Beiderwand Weaving project on NDR television.
    I am thrilled.
    I would really like to purchase something from your weaving. Unfortunately, I have not found an online store on the Internet.
    Is an online store in planning?
    With kind regards
    Brigitte Barmwater
    Süseler Moor 1A
    23701 Süsel

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