The academic scarf

The academic scarf of the University of Osnabrück is a cooperation project of the Department of Textile Design for the Presidium of the University of Osnabrück. For the first time the newly designed and developed academic scarf is awarded to the doctoral and postdoctoral graduates of the University of Osnabrück at the graduation ceremony 2019. The scarf is since summer 2019 is also available in the Unishop.

From design to finished scarf
The path of the academic scarf began with a request from the President's Office to the Department of Textile Design to develop a university academic scarf with students. A welcome request, because the university scarf project offered the chance to put the digital Jacquard loom, newly acquired with investment funds, into operation for a demanding and concrete task. This was a high motivation for the students and the teachers in the weaving course "From analog to digital".

The students researched the background of academic clothing and dealt with symbols and design elements of the university and the city of Osnabrück. In sketches and drafts, they developed templates that were revised in the digital image editing program, covered with fabric weaves and woven on the digital Jacquard loom. During presentations with the executive board and the communications department, a joint design crystallized. On the design that was finally realized, the university's logo wanders across the scarf as do the students who successfully pass through the university. The silhouette of Osnabrück and the castle with the lettering "UOS" symbolizes the central location of the university. In the center, the city's peace wheel combines with a lily as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge and as a symbol of the castle garden as the central meeting place for students.

With Udo van der Kolk, a regional jacquard weaving mill was found that is able to weave according to design templates in small batches of 100 or 200 pieces. This required redrawing the weaves for the warp and weft density and making the card run with more than 5,000 jacquard cards for the entire length of the scarf. The scarf is woven in red silk on black cotton by the yard and finished with hem and fringe.

Participating students:
Sümeyye Asci, Pauline Becking, Julia Falke Amelie Gieschler, Merve Kocaoglu, Lara Munsch, Naina Josefina Reuter, Julia Schaller, Rieke Scholle, Nesibe Türkaslan, Derya Tuztas.

Participating teachers:
Prof. Dr. Bärbel Schmidt, Dipl. Des. Lucia Schwalenberg.

Photo: Ralf Orlowski

Accompanying publication

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lücke (Ed.)
The academic scarf of the University of Osnabrück
With a foreword by Prof. Dr. Susanne Menzel-Riedl
28 pages, numerous color illustrations
Format 21 x 14,8 cm
University of Osnabrück 2019

The academic scarf of the University of Osnabrück

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